Publication CPA Medicare Open Enroll News

There is important news for anyone who is enrolled in Medicare from the local CPA. The open registration period starts on October 15th. You will now have the opportunity to make new decisions for your plan. Medicare updates its plans with new coverage and costs with any change in healthcare needs. It is your chance to change your health plans and prescription drugs to those that meet your needs. You will need October 15 through December 7, 2012 to make major changes to your health plan.

What kind of changes can you make to your Medicare plan?

* You can participate in a prescription drug plan if you are not already enrolled.

* If you are enrolled in a prescription drug program, you can change to one that meets your most recent needs.

* If you belong to a prescription plan but want to cancel your coverage, now is your time.

* You can change to Medicare Advantage Plans from Original Medicare.

* You could switch from Medicare Advantage Plan to Original Medicare

* If you are on the Medicare Advantage plan, you could switch to another plan within the Medicare Advantage plan.

* You could change from a best Medicare Advantage plan that gives prescription drug insurance to one that does not.

* Change from one Medicare Advantage policy that does not cover prescription drugs to another.

Look carefully at the plan, especially if you have had any health-related changes since your last chance. Evaluate coverage and whether it fits your needs. See also the costs; Pocket and premium. You may know that in the near future there will be a treatment that will be better covered with a different plan. Now is the time to really analyze how much you are paying for premium costs and determine if your direct costs really meet your needs. You can find a different program that best suits your needs and yet make medical care affordable. At https://www.medicareadvantageplans2020.org you can get online quotes and rates for advantage plans easily.

In 2013, Medicare Part B will add coverage for preventive services and treatments. You will no longer have direct copayment or deduction costs. Examples of services covered are: detection and / or counseling about alcohol abuse, cardiovascular disease, bone density, diabetes, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, mammograms, obesity counseling and nutritional therapy. Learn more about other services that will be covered to ensure you sign up for the program that best fits your needs.

Many Medicare prescription drug plans have temporary limits on prescription drug coverage for each plan. In 2013, this coverage gap will begin after you spend $ 2,970. Changing this plan will help you gradually reduce the direct costs gained from the difference.



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